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An Introduction to the Stoney Lamar Artists Workstation

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Few artists who treat the table saw as an artistic carving tool to do it with the mastery of Stoney Lamar. His sculptures look like real wood pieces but they are much more than that. His sculptures explore the inherent tension, balance and movement of natural asymmetrical wood forms with metal accents and steel elements. A multiple-axis approach has enabled him to draw inspiration from a greater range of sources and to produce a unique and personal story and imagery.

Stoney Lathes is based in Canada, near Sudbury. Its studio was designed to accommodate artists working on both traditional and contemporary mediums, and it employs both modern and traditional techniques.

The Stoney Lathes studio is located in a large office building on an industrial park. The studio was built in the late nineteen eighties for the sole purpose of producing sculpture for the business. It was opened to the public by the founder and is staffed by the artist, Stoney Lamar, and his team of technicians. The office space is large and well equipped with the latest equipment and a computer. The employees use this room to create their work space, and they can enjoy the views outside of the building and view the town while they are working.

The interior of the studio is organized to be user friendly, with a large table on one side, a work bench on the other and a number of easels on either side. Each easel is equipped with a small projector screen, digital photo frame and printer. These resources help to ensure that each technician will have his or her own area of focus, which includes both his or her computer and a copy of his or her portfolio. The workbench also is equipped with a large table, a sharp pair of tongs, a hammer and several different types of knives. A lathe guard, which serves to protect the artist's hands from the cutting edge of a workbench is placed over a small vise that holds a single blade.

The workbench has three drawers which can be used to store supplies and tools and the work surface is covered with a black laminate material. that protects the workbench surface and prevents scratches. When using the lathe, this black surface is easily wiped with a damp cloth.

All of the artists' workstations contain four small drawers and two small shelves on one side of the workbench, where the artist can keep his or her painting supplies. A large workbench is provided on the opposite side. The bench is large enough to store a set of painting tools and a few accessories such as brushes, paints, brushes and paper clips. On the table, the artist can keep an assortment of paints, pencils and brushes and a variety of other canvas or paper products. A roll of paper towels is provided on the workbench as well.

Each artist worksstation at Stoney Lathes has its own window so that the artist can view the outdoors. This is especially helpful during long periods of inactivity. The studio is furnished with a large window that overlooks the street and overlooks the bay. To the north and south, the artists' view of the city is unobstructed.

Because the workstation is on the north side of the studio, it is easy to view passersby and is a perfect place to sit and relax, even if the weather is hot. The windows are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Artists at Stoney Lathes are responsible for all maintenance and cleaning of their workstations. All of the tools used to paint or sculpt are kept in the toolbox. These tools can be used to paint, sculpt or create any type of surface with ease. When an artist is finished with his or her painting project, he or she can use the tongs to remove the tools and wipe down the worktop with a damp cloth. The laminator is used after cleaning the worktop to seal the surfaces.

An on site cleaning service is available to maintain the workstations at Stoney Lathes, but a cleaning service should be sought out before hand. If there is any type of damage to the workstations, this is handled by the professionals on site.

The staff at Stoney Lamar can answer any questions an artist may have about their workstation. or about the services they provide.